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Apple Trees, painting by Mary Baker

Apple Trees © Mary Baker


About Mary Baker

"A contemporary realist painter, she captures, with lifelike precision, the stillness of the Plum Island marshes, the petals of a bright yellow iris in the South End, apple blossoms clinging to a brick wall at the old gardens at Maudslay State Park and the Common Pasture, its vista unchanged by centuries."

"Putting things in perspective," by Ulrika G. Gerth, The Newburyport Current

Mary Baker is a contemporary realist painter whose studio is in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This New England city, north of Boston, with its gardens, flowers, landscape, historic neighborhoods and antique houses, has been the inspiration for the artist's realistic oil paintings.

Mary's art work has passion, depth and beauty, capturing moments in time. Her art work has the power to inspire lives and to nourish and enhance the spirit.

Mary Baker's skilled, tasteful and perceptive art work is for the discriminating buyer.

To learn more about the artist please visit the Biography page, and to learn about the studio, please visit the Contact page.  A sample of the prices of Mary Baker's art work can be found on the For Sale pages on her Art Blog. Please feel free to contact Mary about the artwork, prices, information on  buying a Mary Baker painting.

For a detailed biography please press here.

The charming, historic seaport city of Newburyport, Massachusetts has played an important role in the artist's life as well as her artwork. And Mary has a long running blog about Newburyport called The Newburyport Blog.


Digital Artwork

In 2012 Mary Baker decided to take a year and experiment with digital art. The process turned out to be a lot more complicated, and a lot more interesting than she ever imagined. Since December 2012, Mary has been exploring this wonderful new medium, which at times to her seems completely magical.

All 20 digital images for Newburyport Big Skies can be found here.

The process and progress of the new digital artwork can be found both on her Mary Baker Art Facebook Page, as well as on the Art Blog.


Plum Island House - Digital Image

Plum Island House © Mary Baker - Digital Image

The Newburyport Blog

Mary also has a long running blog called The Newburyport Blog, which she has been writing since January of 2006, about the city that she loves so much. The Newburyport Blog can be read here.


Apple Tree and Wall, painting by Mary Baker

Apple Tree and Wall © Mary Baker

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